Below you can find the teaching materials I have used for my courses. Feel free to use or reuse (licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0).

  • Mechanism Design (University of Copenhagen):
  • Financial Markets Microstructure (University of Copenhagen):
    • Files (syllabus, slides, homeworks, exams): [Spring 2023]. Older versions: [Spring 2020].
    • LaTeX sources: [github] (the history contains all edits, but I did not set the tags for specific years, oops. Easy to find the relevant version from the commit history though, if you need to.)
    • Lecture recordings (unedited): [2020] (youtube playlist)
  • Seminar: Digital Economics (University of Copenhagen):
  • Microeconomics II (University of Copenhagen):
    • We just followed Varian's textbook. I've been co-teaching this course, so I am not at freedom to share the materials.