I am Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Copenhagen. I received my Ph.D. in Economics from Northwestern University in 2019.

My primary interests are in Microeconomic Theory, particularly in the intersection of Economics of Information and Behavioral Economics. I am most interested in models of strategic information acquisition, processing, and exchange. In terms of applications, I am most excited by topics in Digital Economics.


  • [Dec 21, 2020] Teaching materials from my course on Mechanism Design (2020 edition) are now available -- including slides, problem sets, and reading list in pdf, and youtube recordings of all lectures (the final one will be uploaded in a few days). LaTeX sources will be coming later. The updates compared to 2019 largely concern the first 40% of lectures, which have been completely revised, but most problem sets also feature some new and/or improved problems.
  • [Aug 02, 2020] Draft for Sparking Curiosity or Tipping the Scales? Targeted Advertising to Rationally Inattentive Consumers is now out!
  • [Jul 30, 2020] Teaching materials from my course on Financial Markets Microstructure are now available (including slides, problem sets, reading lists, in pdf and LaTeX, and youtube recordings of all lectures).